Welcome to Shir Hadash.

Click here for our Community Beit Midrash Schedule.

Shir Hadash is a Synagogue, Educational Institute and Community Center dedicated to:

Inspiring Jewish identity through study, observance and social action that is joyous, passionate about ethics and inspired with hesed;

Encouraging the love and respect of every Jew and the pursuit of Jewish unity;

The rebuilding of Israel, both physically and spiritually, so that the Jewish people may best fulfill our universal mission of improving the world.

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cheylnashimshulShir Hadash’s activities currently take place in 3 locations.  Our Educational Institute and Synagogue Services – including weekday and Shabbat day – meet  inside the Ma’alot Community Center Building pictured on the upper right  hand side of this page (whose address is Chopin Street #3).  For the duration  of the winter months, our Friday night services (only) meet in private homes  in Katamon; e-mail shirhadash613@gmail.com for details. Our Early Childhood Center meets at Cheyl Nashim #4 (pictured left).
To learn more about what motivates us, enjoy this short film below.





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