Hesed Opportunities

SH Members on a visit to the children\'s ward at Shaarey Tzedek HospitalHesed – the performance of deeds of loving kindness – is pillar of Shir Hadash community.  Each year, for example, we conduct a fellowship program for Rabbinical students dedicated to training these future Jewish leaders in the art of Hesed programming.  We also conduct a number of Y’mei Hesed – Days of Hesed – throughout the year in which a host of different needs are addressed.

On an ongoing basis, members of the Shir Hadash community engage in a number of projects with partnering organizations.  New volunteers are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

If you are looking to volunteer, here are some great options:

1) Each week, packages of food are distributed to more than 100 needy families in our neighbood.   Shir Hadash provides ‘packers’ and ‘drivers’ for this effort coordinated by Shachen Tov.  If you are able to volunteer but just 1 hour a month – and have a car – it would be of great value to this effort.  E-mail Malka Zeisel Harati at malkalh @ yahoo.com.

2) Have 1 hour a week and a lifetime of experience?  If so, consider joining the other Shir Hadash members who have found volunteering for Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Israel such a rewarding experience.  To volunteer, call 02-561-2131.

3) Almost every Friday at 1 PM a group of people of all ages visits the children’s ward of Sha’arei Tzedek under the auspices of Simcha LaYeled  – bringing good cheer, gifts, music and laughter to the many seriously ill children there.  One can join this group on a regular or one time basis; either way, you and your family — yes, it’s a great experience for young chidren as well! — will gain as much as you give.  Call Eli at 054-305-0386 prior to Friday to confirm the time and find out about the meeting point.

4) Support the economy in Sderot during this difficult time by buying your weekly Challot and other baked goods from a Sderot bakery.  Delivered to convenient drop-off points throughout Jerusalem.

5) Make a donation to our free loan fund:

PO Box 8438

German Colony, Jerusalem

Be sure to indicate the purpose of your donation is for the Free Loan Fund, and include in whose honor/memory the donation is being made.


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