Home Hospitality

Welcoming guests and providing Shabbat hospitality to those visiting our community is an important part of Shir Hadash’s vision — indeed, any vision — of Judaism.  Therefore, if you are planning a visit to Jerusalem during Shabbat, please do not hesitate to contact us about the possibility of hosting you for either Friday night dinner or Shabbat lunch.  Guests of all backgrounds and levels of observance are most welcome.  You are not putting us out; to the contrary, it’s a pleasure and an honor to host you.

That said, if possible please let us know in advance (via the contact box below) when you are coming and how many people will be with you, and tell us a little bit about yourself as well. 

Ideally, we would like to receive your information by the Tuesday night prior to your visit; that way, we can inform the community on Wednesday regarding your visit and find an appropriate individual or family to host you.

If you are unable to let us know in advance, that’s still OK.  Very often, we have people willing to host guests on Shabbat without any prior notice.  Simply approach one of us — or the Rabbi — immediately following the conclusion of services and let us know that you would be interested in joining others for a meal.  We will then do our best to find you a host.

Ken and Janet Wilson,

Shabbat Hospitality Coordinators


P.S. POTENTIAL HOSTS: If you are open to hosting guests, e-mail us at jwilson @ 012.net.il or chaimwilson @ 012.net.il expressing your willingness.  That way, when we receive requests from visitors, we will know who to turn to first.


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