Kiddush Information

To sponsor a kiddush:

1) Check for the availability of your preferred date on the calendar below.

2) If your preferred date is in fact open, please submit the following information in the box at the bottom of the page:

Name / E-mail / Date of Kiddush / Reason for Sponsorship

3) Provide the food.  A simple kiddush of cookies, cake, chips & dip (with drinks, grape juice and paper goods) can easily be bought at local supermarkets for under 500 NIS.   If you prefer something more substantial, consider a caterer.  Any kosher caterer is acceptable, though below are a couple of caterers who have provided kiddushim in the past and are thus familiar with Shir Hadash and our policies:

Melissa’s Catering

Holy Bagel 

OF COURSE, you don’t need to hire a caterer if you don’t want.  You can also purchase the food on your own (which, with the exception of uncooked fruits and vegetables, must be in sealed packages or from kosher supervised take-away places).  You will then be responsible to bring the food (and drinks and paper goods) to the shul during a specific time on Friday afternoon.


KIDDUSH CALENDAR – See if date is availabe

July 4 – Balak: Available

July 11 – Pinchas:

July 18 – Matot/Ma’sai:

July 25 – D’varim (Shabbat Chazon): Michael Bregman

August 1 – V’etchanan (Shabbat Nachamu): Shabbat Chatain Jonathan Raub

August 8 – Available

August 15 – Marcia Gardner, in commemoration of the yahrzeit of mother, z’l.

August 22 – Aurfruf of Aharon Poston and Bina Sujanami.  

August 29 – Available


VaYelech – Irwin Klitwin, in commemoration of yahrzeit

Yom Kipur Communal Break Fast – Harold and Evrea Bergstein, in memory of Evrea’s grandmother, Tziporah Leah bat Etta Chana

Ha’azinu – Yonah Engel, in commemoration of the yahrzeit of his mother, z’l.

Shabbat Chol HaMoed – Philip and Ayelet Trauring

Chayai Sara – Elgavish Family, Ronen’s Bar Mitzvah


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