U.S. Financial Report 2007

Starting Balance^       $95,719
  Donations         $83,705
  Total $179,424
    Fees 4 Services Provided     $7774
    Food and Hospitality^^   $14191
    Transfer to Israeli Amuta*   $19500
    Marketing       $1732
  Capital Expenditures        
    Office Equipment     $2699
    Gan Equipment     $4165
    Library/Research Purchases   $1570
    Salaries        $36,000
    Travel/Fundraising     $2320
    Legal/Taxes/Insurance   $7016
    Ongoing Office Expenditures   $1592
  Building**         $43034
  Scholarships & Donations***     $3255
  Total Expenses $144,848
  Carry-Over to 2008 $34,576
  ^Includes general operating funds as well as funds dedicated to building expenses.  This annual report runs from January 1, 2007 until December 31, 2007; however, Shir Hadash’s U.S. fundraising cycle is more concentrated in the summer months.  This starting balance, therefore, represents the residual funds from the summer 2006 fundraising efforts.
  ^^Includes subsidies for communal meals, kiddushim when sponsors are lacking, food for special events and Shabbat meal reimbursements for hospitality expenses incurred for hosting missions, visiting groups and tourists.
  *Transfers were made to enable the Israeli amuta to cover expenses incurred that fundraising and fees generated in Israel could not cover. 
  **The majority of this amount represents the architectural fees for the Robert A.M. Stern firm in New York.  Additional architectural fees were paid to Shir Hadash’s Israeli firm, as well as for blueprint services, engineering services and artist renditions of the building.Additional details on any of the above items may be made available to potential donors interested in learning more about Shir Hadash and engaged in due dilligence explorations.  Simply e-mail us at shirhadash(at)aol.com, or leave a comment below.  


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