Bernard & Anne Spitzer Hesed Fellowship Program

Each year, Shir Hadash hosts a fellowship program for Rabbinical and Jewish education students thanks to the generosity of Bernard and Anne Spitzer of New York.  This fellowship brings students from across the denominational spectrum to learn about hesed,  a word perhaps best translated as ‘deeds of loving-kindness.’  The students study texts relating to Judaism’s concern for, and vision for improving, the well-being of the elderly, physically and mentally challenged, children, the homeless and the hungry, and the sick and infirmed.  They are then introduced to some of the most inspiring people and organizations in Jerusalem that work in these fields, which in turn offers them guidance and impetus to create their own hesed programs for their respective institutions to engage in.  The objectives of the fellowship are two-fold: First, to train the next generation of Jewish leaders in the art of Hesed programming, insuring that the future communities they lead will be infused with passion and compassion for the weak in society; and second, to provide a forum in which Jews from different denominations can forge meaningful relations with one another as they pursue like-minded activities, relations – we believe – that will serve the entire Jewish community well as these fellows progress in their careers.


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