Shabbat Announcements

1) Shabbat Schedule – Special Tephillot

2) Kiddush Sponsor

3) Women’s Shiur & Fundraiser Tonight

4) Tisha B’av Schedule & Halachot

1) Shabbat Schedule

We are honored to have Chezki Sofer, a well known musician and talented ba’al tephilla, join us this Shabbat Chazon to help create a more powerful tephilla experience for all.  We encourage everyone to join us as add their voice to what will no doubt be a special and moving kabbalat shabbat Friday night (as well as of course our regular shacharit services Shabbat morning).

Candles 6:55 PM

Mincha 7:20 PM

Special Kabalat Shabbat 7:40 PM

Shacharit 8:30 AM

Musaf with Chezki Sofer 10:30 AM

Kiddush 11:00 AM

Due to Tisha B’av beginning Motzei Shabbat, there will be no Perek in the Park this week.

2) Kiddush Sponsor

This Shabbat we joyously celebrate the Shabbat Chatan of Noam Glatzer as he prepares to marry Ayala Marshall next week following Tisha B’av.  The kiddush is sponsored by Noam’s family in honor of the celebration.  Mazal Tov!

3)  Women’s Shiur & Fundraiser

Tonight, Wednesday, at 8:30 PM at the Lurie home, Hagadna 14, women are invited to hear a shiur by Esther Kitov on the topic: “The Hidden Happiness of  Chodesh Av.”  Additionally, a live presentation of “The last 9 days in Gush Katif- the real story” will take place.   Donations made at this event will help fund summer activities for the children of Gush Katif.  Minimum Donation 20 shekels.  (Checks can be made out to Lemaan Achi or for US tax receipt to Friends of Lemaan Achi).


4) Tisha B’av Schedule

Stop Eating & Washing 7:26 PM (regarding other customs of the fast, see below)

Ma’ariv Motzei Shabbat & The Reading of Aicha 8:30 PM (in the Yehuda HaLevi Gym)

Shacharit Sunday Morning and Kinot 8:00 AM (in the Yehuda HaLevi Gym)

For details on how to transition from Shabbat to Tisha B’av, including the halachot of Havdalla Motzei Shabbat, please click here.



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