Thank You

Dear Shir Hadash family and dear friends,

I have just walked in the door at 10;30pm from attending the closing program of
Simcha Layeled’s summer encampment.  I am overwhelmed.  the kids were so
happy, yet so sad to leave.  the hugs and kisses between counselors and
youngsters so touched my heart.  Watching the kids on their counselors
shoulders, or being zipped along in their wheelchairs or on their own 2 feet
dancing and singing with abandon.  The kids had a few days of pure spoiling and
fun.  A chance to forget about painful treatments, restrictions, handicaps and
the angel of death hovering over their heads.
I cannot thank you all enough for your support.  You turned out and gave so
generously in memory of a man you didn’t know, with so much goodness and
tonight I saw the fruits of your generosity. Lennie’s yahrzeit sent 4 kids
to this amazing escape from tsoris,,,thank you on their behalf and on behalf of
my late husband’s soul who I am sure was watching and smiling.

Tzilia Sacharow


One Response to Thank You

  1. Malka says:

    Dear Tzilia,
    Tizkee l’mitzvot for being the shaliach to enable your friends to aid in such an important mitzvah.

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