Gabbai Information

Shir Hadash has three gabbais to help coordinate the weekly Shabbat services.  To volunteer to lein Torah (see the below schedule), to request aliyot or other kibudim in honor of an upcoming simcha or commemoration of yahrzeit, or simply to inform the community of relevant information and/or make suggestions that might benefit the services, please contact one of these gabbais at the below contact information:

David Lewis

Avigdor Fuld

Jason Gardner

To let us know about an upcoming simcha for the purposes of inclusion in the weekly announcements, please submit all details in the contact box at the bottom of the page.

To sign up to lein a parsha (or parts thereof – a minimum of three aliyot at a time), please see the below chart and then e-mail

13.9.08 Ki Tetzei    
20.9.08 Ki Tavo    
27.9.08 Nitzavim    
30.9.08 Rosh Hashana Jason Gardner  
1.10.08 Rosh Hashana Jason Gardner   
4.10.08 Vayelech Ivor Lunzer-first 3 aliyot   
11.10.08 Ha’azinu    
14.10.08 Sukkot    
18.10.08 Sukkot Chol Hamoed    
25.10.08 B’reshit x  
1.11.08 Noah Eli Benin Bar Mitzvah
8.11.08 Lech L’cha Bar Mitzvah
15.11.08 Vayera Avi Dzik – first 3 aliyot   
22.11.08 Chayei Sara Ronen Elgavish Bar Mitzvah
29.11.08 Toldot Ivor Lunzer-first 3 aliyot   
6.12.08 Vayetzei    
13.12.08 Vayishlach    
20.12.08 Vayeshev Yonaton Katchen  
27.12.08 Miketz Chanuka    
3.1.09 Vayigash    
10.1.09 Vayechi Avi Dzik – first 3 aliyot   
17.1.09 Shmot    
24.1.09 Va’era Yonaton Katchen  
31.1.09 Bo Ivor Lunzer-first 3 aliyot   
7.2.09 B’shalach Steve Benin ? Bar Mitzvah
14.2.09 Yitro Yonaton Katchen  
21.2.09 Mishpatim Eli Benin  
28.2.09 Truma    
7.3.09 Tetzave / Zachor Avi Dzik – first 3 aliyot  
14.3.09 Ki Tisa / Parah Yonaton Katchen  
21.3.09 Vayakhel-Pekudei    
28.3.09 Vayikra Ivor Lunzer-first 3 aliyot   
4.4.09 Tzav    
11.4.09 Pesach Chol Hamoed    
18.4.09 Shmini    
25.4.09 Tazria-Metzora    
2.5.09 Acharei Mot-Kdoshim Yehuda Bergstein Bar Mitzvah
9.5.09 Emor Avi Dzik – first 3 aliyot  
16.5.09 Behar-B’chukotai    
23.5.09 Bamidbar Ivor Lunzer-first 3 aliyot   
30.5.09 Naso    
6.6.09 B’ha’alotcha    
13.6.09 Shlach Avi Dzik Bar Mitzvah
20.6.09 Korach    
27.6.09 Chukat Avi Dzik – first 3 aliyot   


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  1. […] coming year.  To reserve a specific parsha, or to simply volunteer for any parsha, please see the calendar of availability and contact our gabbai David Lewis at  We look forward to hearing from […]

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