Friday Night Live

Shir Hadash endeavors to provide a powerful, inspirational and meaningful prayer experience each and every Shabbat — both for its many local members as well as for guests visiting from near and far, especially those guests, be they individuals or groups, that are experiencing their very first Shabbat in Jerusalem.    

To help fulfill this objective, Shir Hadash has invited some of the most talented and inspiring ba’alei in Jerusalem to lead our weekly Kabbalat Shabbat service, a prayer experience filled with singing and dancing and a true celebration of Shabbat for all those who love tephilla.  Below, please find the schedule of guests who lead our services.

Aaron Razel — Listen to his music here.

Naftali Abramson — Listen to his music here.




Yehuda Katz – Listen to his music here.




Friday Night Live takes place each Friday night 25 minutes after candlelighting in the upstairs hall of the Yehuda HaLevi School.  Click here for directions.  See below for the tentative schedule:

Slichot, Rosh Hashana & Yom Kipur: Yehuda Katz

12.9.08 Ki Tetzei Aaron Razel In honor of Pnina Klinger’s upcoming marriage to Benzi K.
19.9.08 Ki Tavo Ezra Amichai of Jerusalem Soul Center  
26.9.08 Nitzavim    
3.10.08 VaYelech Aharon Razel  
10.10.08 Ha’azinu Naftali Abramson  
17.10.08 Sukkot  x  
24.10.08 Bereishit Aaron Razel  
31.10.08 Noach Naftali Abramson  
7.11.08 Lech L’cha Aaron Razel  
14.11.08 Vayera    
21.11.08 Chayai Sarah Aaron Razel  
28.11.08 Toldot Shaul David Judelman from Simchat Shlomo  
5.12.08 Vayetze Naftali Abramson  
12.12.08 Vayishlach Aaron Razel  
19.12.08 Vayeshev    
26.12.08 Miketz Aaron Razel  
2.1.09 Vayigash    
9.1.09 Vayechi Aaron Razel  
16.1.09 Shmot    
23.1.09 Va’era Aaron Razel  
30.1.09 Bo    

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  1. […] guest ba’al Tephilla for week 2 of the new Shir Hadash Friday Night Minyan (Friday Night Live in English, or Minyan אות in Hebrew) is Ezra Amichai of the Jerusalem Soul Center.  Please come […]

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