Shabbat Announcements Parshat Ki Tavo

1) Shabbat Schedule

2) Kiddush Sponsor

3) Musical Slichot THIS Motzei Shabbat

4) Yamim Noraim Update

5) Hosts Needed

6) Do You Know Anyone Homebound on Rosh Hashana?


1) Shabbat Schedule – Parshat Ki Tavo

Our guest ba’al Tephilla for week 2 of the new Shir Hadash Friday Night Minyan (Friday Night Live in English, or Minyan אות in Hebrew) is Ezra Amichai of the Jerusalem Soul Center.  Please come and welcome Ezra as he leads us in a beautiful kabalat Shabbat.

Candles 5:59 PM

Mincha 6:24 PM

Kabalat Shabbat with Ezra 6:40 PM

Shacharit 8:30 AM

Children’s Service 10:15 AM

Kiddush 11:00 AM

2) Kiddush Sponsor

The kiddush is sponsored this Shabbat by Eli Jacobs and Mallory Serebrin in honor of the recent birth of their baby boy Eitan.  Mazal Tov!


3) Musical Slichot this Motzei Shabbat

Our two ba’alei tephilla for this year’s Yamim Noraim services, Yehuda Katz (from the band Reva L’Sheva) and Aharon Razel, will lead our annual Slichot musical gathering this Saturday night.

Aharon Razel begins the program with a musical melava malka at 11 PM, and Yehuda Katz will then lead Slichot at 12 PM.  Please bring 1) your own slichot books, and 2) non-perishable food items to donate to needy elderly in Jerusalem (if you can’t bring the food item, a 20 NIS donation is requested to help needy families prepare for the Holidays).

As always, this is sure to be a great event, so don’t miss it.

It will also be one of the last opportunities to reserve your seats for the Yamim Noraim if you have not already done so.

4) Yamim Noraim Update

… speaking of which: To join Shir Hadash — and ba’alei tephilla Yehuda Katz and Aharon Razel — for the Yamim Noraim, click here and become a member, which in turn affords you the opportunity to reserve seats for the Yamim Noraim.

5) Mazal Tov

Congratulations to David and Tova Kramer on the birth of a baby boy this past week.  Congralations also to Alan and Leah Lurie, the proud grandparents of the new baby Kramer.  The brit, please God, will take place this coming Wednesday.

6) Hosts Needed

Shir Hadash will be hosting for Rosh Hashana a group of 18 year olds participating in the B’nai Akiva year course.  If possible, they would like to join our families in their homes for lunch following second day services.  If you are able to host any of these students, please e-mail Rabbi Pear at at your earliest convenience (include how many students you can host).

5) Shofar for the Homebound

If you or anyone you know in the neighborhood is homebound on Rosh Hashana and unable to attend services to hear the shofar, please e-mail  Write your (or your friend’s) name, address (include floor), and phone number if possible and our own Avichai Elgavish will make arrangements to visit and blow shofar.



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