Shabbat Parshat Chayai Sarah

1) Book Launch Event - TONIGHT

2) Shabbat Schedule

3) Kiddush & Mazal Tov

4) Motzei Shabbat Events

1) Book Launch Event

Just a reminder that tonight is the official launch of Rabbi Pear's new book, 
"The Accidental Zionist: What a Priest, a Pornographer and a Wrestler named 
Chainsaw taught me about being Jewish, Saving the World and Why Israel matters 
to both."  

Doors open at 8 PM; the presentation of the book will begin at 8:15 PM, followed 
by a dessert reception at 9:15 PM.

The event will take place at the Mishkenot Sha'ananim Conference Center in Yemin 
Moshe, just a few steps down from the Windmill.

Entrance is complimentary, and discounted books will be available for purchase. 
(If you can't make it, books can be purchased at local bookstores, including 
Hevruta, Pomeranz, JBC and Moriah in the Old City - and through Amazon in the 

All are invited.

2) Shabbat Schedule

Candles 4:02 PM

Mincha 4:27 PM

Shacharit 8:30 AM

Kiddush 11:00 AM

Shabbat Ends 5:15 PM

3) Kiddush & Mazal Tov

The kiddush this week is sponsored by Avichai and Sharona Elgavish in honor of 
the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Ronen.  Mazal Tov!

4) Upcoming Motzei Shabbat Events

THIS Motzei Shabbat:

The Annual R’ Shlomo Carlebach Memorial concert

Binyanei Hauma, Doors open 20:00 – Concert begins 20:45

Featuring: Benzion Solomon and Sons, Chaim Dovid Saracik, Yehuda Katz, Aaron 
Razel, Shlomo Katz, Chiskia Sofer, Shivi Keller, Naftali and Shlomo Abramson, 
Binyomin Steinberg and Special Guest Shlomo Bar (Habreira Hativit)

NEXT Motzei Shabbat:

"Leading a Significant Life: Transforming an Ordinary Life into an Extraordinary 
Experience in Israel" -- presented by Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf, Dean, Spiritgrow - 
The Josef Kryss Jewish Wholistic Center, Australia, and author of the 
best-selling book Pracitcal Kabbalah (Random House, 1999).

8:00pm, Yeshurun Central Synagogue

For more information 054 238 7726


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