Shabbat Parshat Bo

1) Shabbat Schedule – Naftali Abramson & Special Guests 2) Kiddush Sponsor 3) Mazal Tov! 4) Baruch Dayan HaEmet 5) Tu B’Shvat Melava Malka Concert with Chaim Dovid 1) Shabbat Schedule & Special Guests The guest ba’al tephilla this Friday night will be Naftali Abramson (just back from the army and time in Gaza). Whenever he joins us, the place is packed and the dovening amazing, so be sure not to miss this week’s Kabalat Shabbat. We also welcome to shul this Friday night a group of first time Jewish visitors to Israel from the U.S. city of Milwaukee (as part of the outreach organization Rabbis without Walls). Candles 4:31 PM Mincha 4:56 PM Kabalat Shabbat 5:10 PM Shacharit 8:30 AM Kiddush 11:00 AM Shabbat Ends 5:50 PM 2) Kiddush Sponsor The kiddush this week is sponsored by Ken and Janet Wilson in celebration of the recent engagement of their son Gabriel to Amy Jochelson. We welcome to shul Amy’s parents visiting from Australia. Mazal Tov. 3) Mazal Tov Congratulations to Rena and David (our Gabbai) Lewis on the birth yesterday of a baby girl. May she merit a life of Torah, Chupah and Ma’asim Tovim. Those interested in preparing a meal for Rena and David for when they return from the hospital should be in touch with Rachel Pear at 054-782-1102. 4) Baruch Dayan Ha’Emet As mentioned last week, David Moss is sitting shiva for his mother, z”l, at 14 Dan Street in Baka. The daily Shacharit minyan is at 7:45 AM, with Mincha at 5 PM and Ma’ariv at 5:35 PM. May David be comforted amongs the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. 5) Melava Malka with Chaim Dovid Internationally acclaimed Jewish musician Chaim Dovid will lead a special musical Melava Malka concert inside the Yehuda HaLevy gym on February 7th, Motzei Shabbat Parshat Beshalach (Shabbat Shira), at 8 PM. The cost is just 20 NIS! This will be a wonderful event just before Tu B’Shevat, so please mark your calendars and tell all your friends.


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