Shabbat & Yamim Noraim Info & Events

1) Yamim Noraim – NOW IS THE TIME

 2) Shabbat Schedule

3) Singles Event THIS FRIDAY NIGHT

4) Kiddush Sponsor / Mazal Tov

5) Thank You, Goodbye & Hello

6) Motzei Shabbat Concert & Musical Slichot

7) Torah Dedication Celebration

8) Upcoming Classes

9) Save the Date – Friday Night Tish


1) Yamim Noraim – NOW IS THE TIME

 The Yamim Noraim are practically here, and now is the time to reserve your space. After this week, seats can no longer be guaranteed. This year we will once again have Yehuda Katz and Aharon Razel serve as ba’alei tephilla. Children’s programming will be provided free of charge. A sit-down kiddush/lunch will be provided on the second day. Fewer seats are being offered than in years’ past to insure great comfort. To make a reservation, go to; There you will see three options — Full Membership, Yamim Noraim Seats Only and Complimentary Seats for Students, New Olim and Soldiers (discounts on the first two options also exist for those with financial need — contact with questions). FOR THOSE NOT IN NEED OF YAMIM NORAIM SEATS, but interested in supporting the shul nevertheless, membership support is gratefully appreciated. Use the same links above to make a donation.

2) Shabbat Schedule / Parshat Nitzavim-Vayelech

 Candles 6:10 PM Mincha 6:35 PM Kabalat Shabbat & Ma’ariv with AHARON RAZEL 6:45 PM Followed by Singles Sushi Social 7:30-8 PM Shacharit 8:30 AM Musaf with AHARON RAZEL 10:15 AM Kiddush 11:00 AM

As one can see from the above schedule, Aharon Razel will be joining us for tephillot this Shabbat. We are pleased to announce that this visit will be the first of many, as Aharon has graciously agreed to serve as one of our permanent ba’alei tephilla, dovening for us about once every other week.

3) Singles Event

Singles in their 20’s & 30’s are invited to participate in a singles sushi social to take place immediately following Ma’ariv. A Friday night ‘kiddush’ of sorts, this event will afford you an excellent opportunity to catch up with old friends before the new year, as well as make new ones. [Please note that this event is not meant to replace dinner but rather precede it with some light refreshments.]

4) Kiddush Sponsor

The kiddush this Shabbat is sponsored by Art Levitt in celebration of his forthcoming marriage next week to Edith Rivkah. Mazal Tov!

5) Thank You!

We honor this Shabbat the hard work and excellent leadership provided the past two years by our gabbaim, Avigdor Fuld and David Lewis. Thank you. We are grateful for your sacrifice and look forward to your continued guidance. At the same time, we welcome the new gabbaim for next year (next week!) – Avi Dzik, Yonah Engel and Jason Gardner. If you have questions about the shul, would like to volunteer to lein or read haftarah (perhaps a bar mitzah portion?), or otherwise need the services of our gabbaim, they can be reached via our Facebook group (see above) or at the following e-mail addresses:, or cjg@0;

6) Motzei Shabbat Concert & Slichot

Slichot begin THIS Motzei Shabbat in our Shabbat facility (the Yehuda HaLevi School), and then continue each morning afterwards starting Monday at 7:45 AM in our weekday space (Cheyl Nashim #4). This year’s pre-slichot concert is sponsored in partnership with Yedid Nefesh and will feature Binyamin Nakonechny.

Welcome & Doors Open 10:45 PM Pre-Slichot Concert 11:00 PM (10 NIS Donation Requested) Musical Slichot Begin 12:15 PM Chatzot & 13 Midot 12:35 PM All are invited to bring their own musical instruments and their OWN Selichot book.

7) Torah Dedication Celebration

Next Thursday morning – September 17th – Shir Hadash will celebrate a new Torah for our community dedicated by Martin Feder and Family. The event will take place first in the down beit knesset at Yehuda HaLevi, followed by dancing the Sefer Torah to Shir Hadash’s facility upstairs. All are invited for this wonderful celebration. Slichot 7:45 AM (Downstairs Beit Knesset) Shacharit 8:15 AM (Downstairs Beit Knesset) Escorting the Torah Upstairs 8:45 AM Divrei Torah & Reading of the Torah 9:00 AM Refreshments

8) Upcoming Classes

All of the below will take place at the Lurie home, HaGadna 14, in Katamon.

THIS Sunday Night for Men and Women: Dr. Moshe Kuhr, author of a wonderful book on the Maharal, will speak on the life and works of the Maharal and their relevance to Teshuva — in commemoration of the 400th yahrzeit of the Maharal.

TONIGHT – and for the next four Wednesday nights – Shira Smiles will provide insights into the New Year, Teshuva, the Chagim and beyond. 8:30 PM. 20 NIS suggested donation.

9) Save the Date – Shabbat Shuva

 Tish Join Naftali Abramson in our first Friday night tish of the year — Friday night, September 25 at the Pear home, HaPalmach 54/3. Our hope is to host a Friday night tish once a month. To suggest speakers and help organize, please e-mail


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