Parshat Pinchas

For general inquiries, to share your s’machot or other important news, e-mail, or visit Shir Hadash’s Facebook Group Page.

… and now to the announcements

1) Shabbat Schedule
2) Return of Perek in the Park
3) Calling all Hospitality Volunteers
4) Learning Opportunities at Shir Hadash

1) Shabbat Schedule – Parshat Pinchas

Candles 7:08 PM
Mincha/Kabalat Shabbat/Ma’ariv 7:33 PM (Cheyl Nashim)
Shacharit 8:30 AM (Yehuda HaLevi)
Kiddush 11 AM
Perek in the Park 6:00 PM
Shabbat Ends 8:31 PM

2) Return of Perek in the Park

As the above Shabbat schedule notes, our popular Perek in the Park discussion returns this week at 6 PM in the middle of the San Simon Park in Katamon.  The discussion is open to all, with no previous attendance necessary.  Simply bring a copy of pirkei avot.

3) Hospitality Volunteers

Thank you to the newly formed hospitality committee who has been hard at work designing a new way we as a community can better provide hospitality to both visitors and regulars alike.  While the official launch of this new program won’t take place for a little while still, it would be of tremendous help – now – for those willing to host guests for Shabbat meals to let the committee know they are open to receiving such requests (and it doesn’t matter if your ability to host is limited to a one-time basis or will be a regular activity). 

To become part of this initiative that will not only increase the cohesiveness of our community but will also enable us to provide hospitality to visitors in a more welcoming fashion, please e-mail:

with your name and contact information – and one of the members of the committee will be in touch.  In the future, this same e-mail address will be how people looking for meals can reach the committee as well.  

4) Learning Opportunities

A) This week a new maseket was begun in our daily daf yomi shiur for men, to which newcomers are always welcome.  If you always dreamt of going through all of Shas, now’s the time to stop dreaming and start doing: Every morning at 9:15 AM in our Katamon Facility at Cheyl Nashim #4.

B) Beginning in Elul, a new Tuesday night learning initiative will begin that will include both shiurim (in such areas as Torah, Prophets, Mishna, Gemara, Halacha and Hashkafa) as well as an open beit midrash for hevruta learning, open to both men and women. 

So … 1) Make sure to set Tuesday nights aside in your calendar for next year so you can participate on a regular basis, and 2) If you’re interested in being a part of the planning of this new initiative, please be in touch with either of its coordinators, Rabbi Aaron Poston at 052-423-1426 or Rabbi Yehoshua Racz at 054-524-0163. 

More details to follow.

C) Leah Golumb is back in Katamom: “Bringing the Shechina into our Houses during these Challenging Times.”  For women, this Monday evening July 5th from 8 – 9:30 PM at the Luries, 14 Hagadna Street (corner of Hashayarot).



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