Prominent Guests


Human rights icon, best-selling author and former Deputy Prime Minister Natan Sharansky joins Shir Hadash for Simchat Torah celebrations, as well as headlines the annual Shir Hadash Jerusalem fundraiser.

Supreme Court Justice Eli Rubenstein speaks at the Rabbi’s home to visiting delegation of U.S. Attorneys General.


Former Government Minister and current Member of Knesset Rabbi Benny Elon leads one of Shir Hadash’s early Ethics Beit Midrash Program.


U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman dovens at Shir Hadash, and afterwards joins the Rabbi for Shabbat dinner.

Best-selling author Rabbi Joseph Telushkin delivers a guest sermon at Shir Hadash.


Well known Hasidic Rabbi, doctor and author Abraham Twerski is a regular congregant during his stays in Jerusalem.


Activist Rabbi and founder of Yeshivat Chovevei HaTorah Avi Weiss is a familiar face and guest speaker during his many visits to Israel.


Member of Knesset Rabbi Michael Melchior leads an installment of Shir Hadash’s Ethics Beit Midrash program. 

    Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, the head of Chabad International, visits Shir Hadash to celebrate the writing of a new sefer Torah.

  Former Israel Ambassador to the United Nations, currently the Director of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and best-selling author Ambassador Dore Gold headlines a Shir Hadash fundraiser and evening of learning dedicated to Jerusalem.         


Jerusalem Post columnist and author Caroline Glick receives an award from Shir Hadash during our annual Chanuka Festival of Lights Concert and Celebration.                        

Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Dean of Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future, addresses the Shir Hadash community from the pulpit.

Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Shlomo Riskin, speaks at a Torah dedication ceremony at Shir Hadash.

Rabbi Haskell Lookstein of Congregation Kehillat Jeshurun in New York makes regular visits to Shir Hadash when in Jerusalem to doven and speak from the pulpit.


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