Announcements for Parshat D’varim

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4) Tisha B’av Schedule

Monday night tephillot will take place at our Cheyl Nashim location at 8:15 PM

Tuesday morning’s program – also at Cheyl Nashim – is in conjunction with the ‘Web Yeshiva’ and will feature special guests.  The shedule is as follows:

8:15 AM Shacharit

9:15 AM Explanatory Kinot Service with Rabbi Chaim Brovender

Rabbi Brovender will explain the themes of the various Kinot, with a close examination of the text and ideas. What was the historical background of the Kinot? Who are the authors of the Kinot? What themes in the Kinot resonate in modern times?

11:45 AM From Churban to Geula with Rabbi Yehoshua Geller

1:00 PM Mincha

Shabbat Shalom


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