Shabbat Nachamu (July 23)

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1) Shabbat Schedule
2) Kiddush Sponsor
3) Shabbat Nachamu Singles Event

1) Shabbat Nachamu / V’Etchanen

Candles 7:05 PM
Mincha & Kabalat Shabbat 7:30 PM (Cheyl Nashim #4)
Shacharit 8:30 AM (Yehuda HaLevi School)
Kiddush 11:00 AM
Perek in the Park 6:00 PM
Shabbat Ends 8:21 PM

2) Kiddush Sponsor

The kiddush this Shabbat is sponsored by Leya and Alan Lurie in commemoration of
the yahrzeit of Leya’s father, z”l.

3) Singles Event

Singles 38 years old and uo are invited to Shabbat Nachamu Get-together this
Shabbat afternoon at 7 PM following Perek in the Park at the Lurie Home, HaGadna
14. Introductions facilitated. Singing, divrei torah and simcha (contributions
of ‘nosh’ to the seudat shlishit are appreciated).


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