Parshat VaYetzei (November 12-13)

1) Shabbat Schedule / 2) Kiddush Sponsors / 3) Welcome Guests / 4) Special Activities this Week

1) Shabbat Schedule

Candles 4:06 PM / Mincha 4:31 PM / Shacharit 8:30 AM / Kiddush 11:00 AM

Following kiddush a special shiur will be offered by Rabbi Reuven Grodner, the author of a new book about Rav Soloveitchik and the meaning of Prayer. 

Following this 20-30 minute shiur, mincha will be offered for those interested.

2) Kiddush Sponsors

Thank you to Alan and Leya Lurie and Scott and Heidi Lawrence for sponsoring both the kiddush as well as our guest ba’al tephilla this Shabbat.  Alan and Leya are sponsoring the kiddush in honor of Mona Berman’s (Leya’s mother) recent aliya and birthday.  Scott and Heidi are sponsoring the kiddush in honor of their daughter Zoe’s birthday.

3) Welcome Guests

We welcome to shul this Shabbat a group of Hebrew University overseas’ students.  This group, some of whom are students of Rabbi Pear in the Hillel Beit Midrash Outreach Program, will be hosted by a number of Shir Hadash families, to whom we express our deepest gratitude.

We also welcome to shul our special guest ba’al tephilla, Naftali Abramson, and his new wife, Gila.  Naftali will lead tephillot throughout Shabbat.

4) Friday Night Tish / Seudat Shlishit / Musical Havdalla

As part of the Hebrew University Student Shabbaton and the visit of Naftali Abramson, a host of additional special activities (in addition to the Rabbi Reuven Grodner shiur mentioned above) will take place this Shabbat:

A Friday night tish for those in their 20’s at Rabbi Pear’s home (HaPalmach 54/3), beginning at 9:30 PM.  Come and meet the HU students, enliven their Shabbat experience and sing along with Naftali.

Shabbat afternoon seudat shlishit – led by Naftali – at our Cheyl Nashim #4 location beginning at 4:15 PM.  All are invited.

Following the seudat shlishit and Ma’ariv (in the same location), Naftali will lead us all in a beautiful musical havdalla.


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