Parshat Bo (January 7-8)

1) Shabbat Schedule

2) Mazal Tov to Gavriella Pear

3) Upcoming Shiurim

4) Volunteers Needed this Shabbat

1) Shabbat Schedule Parshat Bo

Candles 4:15 PM

Mincha 4:40 PM

Kabalat Shabbat & Ma’ariv 4:55 PM


Parsha Learning 8:15 AM

Shacharit 8:45 AM, Followed by Festive Bat Mitzvah Kiddush

Shabbat Ends 5:30 PM

2) Mazal Tov

We celebrate this Shabbat the Bat Mitzvah of Gavriella Pear, daughter of Rabbi Ian (Chaim) and Rachel Pear.  Gavriella will deliver a drasha following Torah reading, and the kiddush following dovening is in honor of her celebration.

3) Upcoming Shiurim

Chana Canterman will speak (for women) this Shabbat afternoon at the Lurie Home, HaGadna 14, at 4 PM on the topic: “Digging up Earth … and Revealing the True Israel.”

Rabbi Gedalia Gurfein will speak at a special edition of our Tuesday Night Beit Midrash Program this upcoming Tuesday night at 8 PM on the topic: “To Be Shevat or not To Be Shevat; That is the Question.”

Rabbi Pear resumes his weekly shiur for those in their 20’s this Wednesday night at 8:30 PM.  E-mail for details.

4) Volunteers Needed

In anticipation of additional people this Shabbat, the kiddush will be held downstairs in the main shul of the Cheyl Nashim #4 Building. Some re-arrangement of this hall will be necessary prior to starting the kiddush, and we are looking for a few volunteers willing to help out in this endeavor near the end of dovening Shabbat morning.  To volunteer, please e-mail


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