Parshat Yitro

1) Shabbat Schedule

2) Kiddush Sponsor

3) Welcome Guests

4) Weekly Schedule


1) Shabbat Schedule

Candles 4:22 PM

Mincha 4:47 PM

Kabalat Shabbat & Ma’ariv 5 PM

Pre-Shacharit Parsha Learning 8:15 AM

Shacharit 8:45 AM

Kid’s Service 10:15 AM

Kiddush 11:00 AM

2) Kiddush Sponsor

Thank you to Orna Evan Parker for sponsoring the kiddush this Shabbat.  It is in commemoration of the yahrzeits of her grandparents, Chana bat Mordechai and Avraham Chaim ben Aharon Kalminov, z”l, as well as in honor of her son Avi successfully passing his CPA exams.  Mazal Tov.

3) Welcome Guests

As part of our Spiritual Diplomacy initiative, we welcome to Kabalat Shabbat this Friday night a group of Mennonite students and preachers visiting from the United States.  Please help us welcome them with warmth and joy, thus imparting with them a true sense of the spirit of the Jewish people as they return home.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.

4) Weekly Schedule


Shacharit 8:15 AM / Daf Yomi 9:05 AM

MONDAY – Outreach Class at Hebrew University 7 PM

TUESDAY – Beit Midrash Program in the shul 8 PM

WEDNESDAY – Dor Chadash Shiur at Rabbi Pear’s Home 8:30 PM


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