At Shir Hadash, there are two ways to be counted – and make yourself count – within the community.

For local residents who avail themselves of our services on a regular basis, the appropriate option is membership (for overseas’ supporters, please visit our ‘Partnership‘ page).

To become a member, there are no ‘dues’ in the traditional sense.  Instead, we rely on voluntary support (in any amount) by our members to sustain ourselves financially. We charge no dues in order to emphasize that membership in a spiritual community is not something that one can buy. Financial support is not the cost of belonging, but an expression of belonging.

If you feel that Shir Hadash is the right place for you and you would like to be counted as part of the community, just let us know that you wish to be considered a member. We ask that you fill out a membership form below, with information that will help us to integrate you into the community. As part of your broader commitment to strengthening the community, we also ask that you make a voluntary pledge of financial support in keeping with your means (the form below offers some suggested amounts).

After completing the form, please drop off your donation at the shul; or send it via regular mail to: Shir Hadash / POB 8438 / German Colony / Jerusalem; or use our secure online system for Shekel donations or US Dollar (or other currency) donations.


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