At Shir Hadash, there are two ways to be counted – and make yourself count – within the community.

For overseas’ friends and supporters (or perhaps local residents who are unable to attend programs on a regular basis but still consider Shir Hadash an important spiritual home), the appropriate option is Partnership (for participants on a regular basis, see our membership page).

Becoming a partner is an excellent way to express — and project outwards– your most cherished values, values through which you will participate in the rebuilding of Israel in general, and influence and contribute to the spiritual, moral, educational and communal vibrancy of Jerusalem in particular.

Partnership does not require any specific level of contribution. It can be as simple as ‘remembering’ Shir Hadash at moments of joy, such as making a small donation in honor of someone’s simcha, or to commemorate the memory of a loved one on their yahrzeit, both of which can be done quickly and easily via credit card on our secure online payment program.

Or it might involve including us as one of the recipients amongst your yearly contributions.  To receive a reminder solicitation, simply fill out the below form and we will send you both a letter as well as a return envelope to make the donation process as simple as possible.  Obviously, your yearly donation can also be made via our online payment program as well.


Of course, for those with the interest and means to make a more significant contribution, we are most happy to discuss with you more in depth donor opportunities that would require additional support over and above an annual pledge.  Perhaps the naming of a specific Shir Hadash project?  Or the creation of a new initiative?   To learn more about such donor opportunities, please e-mail us at and our Rabbi and Founder Ian Pear will be in touch shortly.


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