UNITY Dinners

During the week of June 19-24th, 2011, friends and supporters of Shir Hadash throughout the world will be hosting ‘Unity Dinners’ in their homes. We’d like you to consider to be one of the hosts. In so doing, you will increase Unity amongst your friends and community, as well as make it possible for Shir Hadash to increase its efforts at conducting programming in Jerusalem that fosters Jewish Unity.

And through media sponsorship of this event, you may even be able to contribute your unique voice to the worldwide discussion on Jewish Unity.


Here are the details:

During the course of each dinner to be held in private homes throughout the world, the invited guests — the hosts’ Jewish friends and acquaintances of all different backgrounds and outlooks — will learn and discuss texts on Jewish Unity provided by Shir Hadash. At the conclusion of the dinner – and what was hopefully an enlivened and inspiring conversation on Jewish Unity – the participants will be presented with a challenge confronting Jewish Unity today. Together, the participants at each dinner will discuss this problem and propose a possible solution. These answers will be forwarded to Shir Hadash which in turn will forward them to a panel of Celebrity Judges. The Judges will select the solution they find most compelling, and that solution, in turn, will appear in various Jewish media to spark a further discussion and focus on Jewish Unity — with the credit for the solution given to the ‘winning’ team.


Interested in being a host and making a major contribution to Jewish Unity?

It’s simple. Just follow these these three steps:

1) Contact us at UnityDinners@gmail.com and let us know you’re willing to participate. Before doing so, though, pick a date for your dinner convenient for you anytime during the week of June 19-24. (This is the week in which we read parsha Korach, a story of divisiveness; our dinners, hopefully, will provide a tikun, or repair, for this division).

We will then provide you with a text you can use (or ignore) to invite guests to Your Unity Dinner. We recommend inviting 5-10 people of various Jewish backgrounds. The more diverse the group, the more interesting the discussion.

In your invitation, make sure to inform your guests that this is a fundraiser. In accepting your invitation, they are agreeing to make a donation to Shir Hadash, which should be given to you on the night of the dinner. We suggest the following amounts: 250 NIS for a participant (individual or couple) in Israel, and $180 for a participant (individual or couple) in the US or elsewhere.

… But you know your crowd. If you think they would be open to making a more generous contribution, then feel free to request it; and if you think they can only afford a smaller donation, then that’s fine as well. In the spirit of Jewish Unity, we want as many people to participate as possible.

2) Once your date has been picked and your guests invited, get in touch with us a second time and we will send you a packet of information that will include: The guided text study to be discussed during the dinner, the ‘problem’ that your group will have to answer, and a return envelope in which to deposit all the donated checks.

3) Run the dinner. That means A) preparing a meal for your invited guests – which we’ll consider your donation to Shir Hadash, so no need to make an additional donation unless you want to. Then B) help guide the text learning and discussion that ensues (or appoint someone else who can). Following the dinner, C) you will have to e-mail us the answer your group came up with, and D) send in the envelope of checks. We will then inform you a week or so later who won and when and where the answer will be appearing.

That’s it … but of course that’s a lot. In hosting a meal you will change your immediate surroundings, strengthen Shir Hadash’s efforts at promoting Unity and raise your voice globally for the need for greater understanding and a deeper connection to one another.

We hope you’re participate. E-mail us at UnityDinners@gmail.com right now to do so.


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