טופס הרשמה ל “שיר חדש”

2011-2012     תשע”ב


NAME (include spouse’s full name as well if relevant)                             שם (+שם האישה/הבעל אם נחוץ


CHILDREN’S NAMES (include ages as well)                                           שמות הילדים (כולל הגילאים)


ADDRESS                                                                                                                                     כתובת


PHONE (include all numbers)                                                                                           טלפון


E-MAIL (include e-mails of family members)                                דואר אלקטרוני (כולל דוא”ל של שאר בני המשפחה)


Please indicate what type of membership you would like                          …       נא לציין איזה סוג של מנוי תרצו


_____        FAMILY MEMBERSHIP, includes Yamim Noraim seats for immediate family (1,000 NIS)


_____        COUPLES’ MEMBERSHIP, includes 2 Yamim Noraim seats (750 NIS)


_____        SINGLE MEMBERSHIP, includes 1 seat (500 NIS)


_____        ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP for those who participate in weekday programming only, such as the morning minyan, daf yomi or various evening classes (360 NIS)


_____        GAN FAMILY MEMBERSHIP is a complementary membership for families with a child in our gan program, includes seats for one’s immediate family (0 NIS)


_____                    ADDITIONAL SEATS for Yamim Noraim may be purchased by members for their out-of-walking-distance guests at 250 NIS for RH or YK, or 360 NIS for both.


Total # of Men’s seats_____ / Women’s seats _____                   מספר המושבים בעזרת הנשים ___ ובעזרת הגברים ____


Mail checks made out to Shir Hadash to: Shir Hadash / POB 8438 / German Colony / Jerusalem


Discounts on the above rates are available for anyone who requests, and can be confidentially acquired by e-mailing  In addition, Tashlumim are gladly accepted.


.את הצ’קים יש לרשום לפקודת “שיר חדש”. ישנה אפשרות למספר תשלומים, עד 6  תשלומים





Men: Name for Aliya _________________________________ / Are you ___ Cohen  ___ Levi  ___ Yisrael?


Women: Hebrew Name (include Mother & Father’s Name):______________________________________


Yahretziet for: _____________  [date & hebrew name]__________________________________________

Yahretziet for: _____________  [date & hebrew name]___________________________________________

Yahretziet for: _____________  [date & hebrew name]___________________________________________

Yahretziet for: _____________  [date & hebrew name]___________________________________________


Date of Aliyah: ______________________     Bar Mitzvah Parsha________________________________

Other special dates (Wedding anniversary, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvah)_______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________     POB 8438 / Jerusalem


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