Shavuot Tikun Leil

Join us for the always popular all night tikun leil learning program at the Pear home, HaPalmach 54/3.  Ice-cream and other refreshments served throughout the night/morning.

11:15 PM Doors Open and Dessert Served

11:30 PM R. Gedaliah Gurfein on “A Mishna for the Kishka” 
12:30 AM R. Sam Shor on “How to See Thunder … Chasidic Insights on the Sinai Experience.”
1:30 AM Davina Wanderer-Kriel on “The Affair of Bruriah.”
2:45 AM R. Ian Pear on “The Joy of Sinning.”
Following the 2:45 AM class – set to finish at 3:45 AM — groups will be leaving to walk to the Kotel or Shir Hadash.  At Shir Hadash the morning schedule will be:

4:15 AM Megilat Ruth

4:45 AM Vatikin Shacharit

Please note that the vatikin minyan is the only minyan Shir Hadash will be offering Shavuot morning. 


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