Membership Costs. Belonging is Priceless.

Due to limited space, seats for the Yamim Noraim in our main minyan are only available to members — but the good news is, anyone can become a member.  If you are looking for a less expensive option, skip to the bottom of this page where information about purchasing seats for our second minyan (without full membership) is available.  For those interested in attending our main minyan, led this year by Aharon Razel, please read on.

To become a member (or renew), please follow these 3 easy steps:

1) Send us the following contact information: Name(s), address, phone(s) and e-mail(s).  Then tell us what type of membership you would like:

FAMILY membership costs 1,000 NIS and includes seats for parents and children over the age of 10.  If you would like a seat for children younger than that age, please add 100 NIS per seat.

COUPLE membership costs 750 NIS and includes two seats.

SINGLE membership costs 500 NIS and includes one seat.

2) Make payment — by dropping a check off at Shir Hadash (in the white mailbox on the top floor of the building) or by mailing it to Shir Hadash / POB 8438 / German Colony / Jerusalem.  You can also make a bank transfer to Kehilat Shir Hadash / Bank Leumi Snif Emek Refaim (914) / 02574062.  Or make online credit card payments in NIS here (via paypal and its credit card options) or in US Dollars here via our Network for Good provider.  If you are reserving from overseas, checks may also be sent to our US address: Shir Hadash / 11 E. 86th Street, 7A / New York, NY 10028.

3) Pick your seat.  After you’ve sent in your reservation someone will contact you (in the order your e-mail was received) to ask about your seat preferences.  Familiarize yourself now with this year’s seating chart.


Once the main minyan is full we will refer all future reservations to the second minyan.

People may also purchase seats directly for the second minyan.  To do so, simply e-mail your name(s), address, phone(s) and e-mail(s); and how many (male and female) seats you want.  Then make payment (see #2 above).  Cost per seat for all the Yamim Noraim is 360 NIS; for Rosh Hashana only, or for Yom Kipur only it is 250 NIS.


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