ALL who are hungry, come and eat

The seder begins with kiddush and washing our hands, followed by karpas- the green vegetable and then yachatz , breaking the middle matza.

Many great Sages explain that breaking the matza is meant to remind us of the slaves’ rations. However the chasidic masters suggest that that broken piece of matza is meant to teach us that indeed we need to break our matza and share it with one another, to teach the sacred and fundamental value of tzedaka…

Rabbi Shlomo Horowitz, zt’l the Patiker Rav, points out that a beautiful message to be learned from the sequence of breaking the matza following karpas, eating that little sprig of green veggies. This sequence is meant to teach us that even if one only has karpas, even if one does not have a fancy meal, but only a simple sprig of leafy vegetable, we still must break our matza and share it with others. Karpas followed by yachatz conditions us to be aware and to show our concern for others whose circumstances might very well be far more difficult than any challenges we might personally be experiencing…..

Freedom of Spirit, is the ability to appreciate and show genuine concern for the plight of others.

May we merit to take to heart the powerful message of karpas and yachatz….

Chag Sameach-Rav Sam Shor


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