The Accidental Zionist

“A passionate argument for why Israel matters” sure “to inspire a new generation of Jews.”  Jewish News of Phoenix

 “Pear isUntitled-3 an extraordinary storyteller with an extraordinary story to tell.” Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

 “A refreshing twist” perfectly suited “for an audience of modern sensibility … brilliant … charming.” The Jerusalem Post

“A valuable insight into how Judaism can be relevant to one’s life, and a powerful call to action to ensure that such a life is relevant to the world.” Sen. Joseph Lieberman

“provocative … fascinating” Washington Jewish Week

“A treatise on Israel all should know, full of humor, charm & compassion.”  Blu Greenberg

“A thoughtful and original exploration of theology, politics and identity.” New York Jewish Week

“Ian Pear, part rabbi, part stand-up comic, makes an inspiring intellectual and spiritual case on behalf of Zionism, and teaches a lot about Judaism along the way.”   Bookjed

“Wonderful, inspiring, educational” Naomi  Ragen

“Will draw readers to a vision … that can provide inspiration to Jewish life and reinvest it with deep meaning.”  L.A. Jewish Journal

“Edgy … entertaining … passionate.”  JVibe

“Easily read and entertaining … unceasingly optimistic and humanistic, breathes new life into a democratic, Zionist vision for the country.”  Ha’aretz


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