Shir Hadash thrives thanks to its many volunteers.  If you are interested in joining one – or even leading a committee that doesn’t yet have a coordinator — please fill out the form below and help make a difference to our community.

Communications – Jen Shaw Racz

Dor Hadash (20-30 Somethings) – Yardena Arnoni, Benji Levy

Education Committee – Harvey Kasdan (Daf Yomi), Avigdor Fuld (Kokush), R. Aaron Poston (Tuesday Night Beit Midrash)

Facilities – Yonah Engel

Fundraising Committee – ?

Green Initiatives Committee – ?

Hesed Committee – Malka Zeizel Harati (Food Distribution), Bina Sujanami (Bikur Holim)

Hospitality Committee – Peta Pellach

Kiddush Committee – Marcia Gardner & Mindy Preminger

Membership Committee – ?

Ritual Committee – Yonah Engel (Gabbai), Jason Gardner (Leining)

Welcoming Committee – Scott Lawrence

Youth – ?


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