Interested in sponsoring a Kiddush?

Check out the below calendar (at the bottom of the page) and select an open date for your Kiddush.  In terms of preparation, the sponsor may arrange the food on their own (purchasing catered or store bought kosher items, including paper goods, wine/grape juice and drinks), or may have Shir Hadash make arrangements based on the following menu.  Once you have selected a date, review the menu options (immediately below – assuming you would like Shir Hadash to take care of the arrangements) and forward your selections (date and menu) to  Please also include the reason for your sponsorship.  Payment should be made via our PayPal / Credit Card Donate button to the right.


Sponsorship of Coffee / Ice Coffee / Ice Barad Station for Shabbat Morning

Crackers/Pretzels/Chips & Tuna, Humous or other Salatim

Cut Vegetables/Fruit (when feasible)


Grape Juice, Water, other Drinks & Eco-Friendly Paper Goods




Burekas                                   100 NIS

Potato or Yerushalmi Kugel    200 NIS

Vegetarian Chulent                 300 NIS


Eggplant Parmesian / Lasagna / Quiche    160 NIS

Pizza Burekas 100 NIS

Ice Cream                   250 NIS


Kiddush Calendar

 Date Sponsor Reason

Yom Kipur Break Fast / Brown Family / Yahrzeito

Sukkot / Kohlhagen Family / Dedication of Torah

Shabbat Chol HaMoed / Graham Hesselberg and Jonathan Edmonds

Simchat Torah Candy / Sternlicht Family

On the following dates, the Kiddush will be catered, larger than normal, and sponsored by multiple parties, as well as held in conjunction with the Ohel Nechama congregation, all in honor of Shabbat Mevorchim: Oct. 18, Nov. 22, Dec. 20, Jan. 17, Feb. 14, Mar. 14, Apr. 18, May 16, June 13, July 11.



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