Specialty Programs

In addition to our ongoing class schedule, Shir Hadash offers a variety of specialty learning programs as well.

With more than 5,000 people exposed thus far, perhaps the most popular of these programs Rabbi Pear’s book talk (or one of his other edu-tainment lectures).  To arrange for Rabbi Pear to address your visiting group, overseas’ delegation or Synagogue/Federation mission, e-mail shirhadash613@gmail.com.

The Unity Beit Midrash is a periodical gathering of Jews from different backgrounds who come together to study texts that both emphasize the need for unity as well as explore possible means to achieve it.  The learning is customarily followed by a joint activity that further fosters group cohesiveness.

The Rabbinical Hesed Fellowship program trains overseas’ Rabbinical students from all denominations in the art of hesed programming.  Fellows come together to learn about various populations in need and the Jewish texts that underpin our commitment to these populations.  They are also introduced to leaders in various hesed fields, many of whom are founders of organizations dedicated to serving those in need.  The fellows also design their own hesed project.

Cinema Shir Hadash is a new project dedicated to providing cutting edge educational opportunities via the medium of film.  In addition to F.I.L.M., our Hebrew improvement film program, Cinema Shir Hadash also engages various populations (with dedicated programs for teens, young singles and the general community) via movie-text study evenings.

New Song Publishers first book was The Accidental Zionist.  Thanks to the popularity of that work, not only will there be a second addition, but also a shortened version entitled “The Zionist.”   Other publishing initiatives include the Joyous Judaism Blog as well as a host of one-off columns for Jewish newspapers and magazines.


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