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In September 2016 Shir Hadash launched a new satellite branch in Jerusalem’s popular German Colony neighborhood.  Founded by a motivated and talented core group of young families, this branch instantly took off, attracting hundreds of participants to a spirited dovening, warm community feel and extensive youth program.

Still in its infancy, this branch aspires to serve as a second home for its members and visitors to Israel alike, an institute for Torah learning, and a center for Hesed, Social Fellowship and Community Building.


Rabbi David Stav, Chief Rabbi of Shoham and Founder of Tzohar, addresses the new congregation.

To insure the success of this mission, we call on all those who cherish this center and embrace its vision to strengthen community in Jerusalem to become our partners.

To learn how you can volunteer your time and expertise, e-mail ShirHadashEmek@gmail.com for more information.

To become a member, click here, or simply make a donation on either of the secure online programs to the right (the first is Network for Good, a U.S. Dollar based service, while the second is PayPal Credit Card).

And for those of you interested in enabling this center to truly flourish, we offer two leadership level opportunities:

Become a FOUNDING PATRON.  This initiative seeks to engage donors at a commitment level of 18,000 NIS (payable over 2 years — i.e., 9,000 per year, or 750 NIS a month).

Become a FOUNDING SUPPORTER.  This initiative seeks to engage donors at a commitment level of 9,000 NIS (payable over 2 years — i.e., 4,500 NIS per year, or 375 NIS a month).

Both gifts include membership for two years and recognition of the giver’s generosity on a plaque located prominently at the center.   To learn more, please be in touch with us at ShirHadashEmek@gmail.com or with Nechama Levy at 050-855-5009.

This type of support will enable Shir Hadash Emek to rent its historic and beautiful building in the most desired location in all of Southern Jerusalem, provide spiritual, educational and social programming for hundreds of people each week (including 6+ Shabbat morning kids programs for more than 100 children alone!) and forge a new community of people dedicated to building Jerusalem.


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