Center for Israel Advocacy

Both Shir Hadash locations are dedicated to strengthening Israel by strengthening the connection to the Jewish people, state and land of thousands of visitors who spend time in Israel each year.  Towards that end, our members host individuals and groups for Shabbat meals and provide educational, inspirational and emotional services to enhance their stay in Israel.

Institutionally, Shir Hadash hosts various delegations – including high level politicians, academics, clergy, educational and business leaders – for Shabbat services and meals, seminars and lectures on Israel, and educational tours.  Among some of the scores of groups who have visited us the past year: The National Association of US Attorneys General, a delegation of School Superintendents, Muslim Imams from Indonesia, a Presbyterian cohort of leaders trying to overturn their Church’s decision on BDS, hundreds of Mennonite Clergy and Lay Leaders interested in learning more about Zionism, youth groups including B’nai Brith, Ramah, B’nai Akiva, NCYS, Hineini (and many, many more!), US State House Speakers, University Presidents … not too mention a variety of Jewish Adult Groups from Federations, Synagogues and Outreach Programs.


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