Shir Hadash – The Book

Shir Hadash, the organization, is pleased to announce the publication of Shir Hadash, the commentary.  In the first installment of this multi-volume series, our Rabbi — Ian (Haim) Pear — tackles Judaism’s paradigmatic stories found in Sefer Bereishit, the Book of Genesis, and reveals the inspiration and relevance they possess for today’s world.  To purchase this book, visit your local Judaica book store or buy directly from Shir Hadash by e-mailing through Shir Hadash, the cost will be 80 NIS and includes shipping).

Rabbi Pear’s ShirHadashBookCoverbook speaks to the heart … emphasizing the great importance both of Jewish unity and strong identification with Israel … and all of this B’simcha.  

Natan Sharansky

What a delightful addition to the sea of Torah scholarship! In this book, Rabbi Pear evidences his unique ability to make the text come alive with excitement, clarity and relevance. By emphasizing the positive lessons to be learned from the Torah, he has fashioned a volume that is certain to inspire readers of all backgrounds. It is wonderful to see an exceptional Rabbi expand his reach in this way. A must read!

Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, Congregation Ahavath Torah, Honorary President of the Rabbinical Council of America

I love to daven in Rabbi Ian Pear’s synagogue, Shir Hadash.  It is bursting with song, and brimming with optimism.  Its Rabbi is never without a smile on his face and a warm, loving word for all. His uncompromising optimism is captured in the wonderful D’vrei Torah found in this volume.  Read them, share them, internalize them.  They are an inspiration for positive Jewish thinking and for focusing on the joy of Judaism.

Rabbi Haskel Lookstein,Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun

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